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03 August 2005 @ 05:56 pm
Claim -- AOL Log  
Players: Aayla Secura and Officer Gopo's wife
Location: Ando / Officer Gopo's living quarters / Outside Officer Gopo's office
Status: Complete
Notes: Thanks goes to grievous_wounds, for playing the feisty wife.

Aayla: *Aayla momentarily clenched her hands and uncoiled her lekku from around her throat. She had to follow through on her end, but unexpected jitters caused her stomach to flutter. She reached out to press the call button, and wait for the perfomance to begin.*

The Wife: *the lady of the house is not really surprized to see a beautiful Twi'lek on the other side of the door.* What can I do for you?

Aayla: *walks right past the stunned Aqualish female without as much as a hello* I am looking for Sloyo. He told me to meet him here.

The Wife: *And so, she thinks, the games begin anew* Really? *she asks with a voice of silk and a promise of violent pain* He told you that?

Aayla: Of course he did. *sniffs the air haughtily, and looks down her blue nose at the slightly pudgy woman before her* Who are you? Sloyo's slave help?

The Wife: *She holds her head up proudly* I am his wife, the lady of this house and mistress of everything he possesses.

Aayla: Mistress of everything he possesses? *repeats it back with a sneer* You cannot be much of a wife, or a lady, if he has to seek his comforts elsewhere. I find it funny that he never mentioned having a wife; epecially, not one that was so. . . pudgy.

The Wife: *Pudgy? Did this aneurexic slut of a little girl really call her pudgy?* Maybe, he never mentioned me, but I am sure that he would never have married you, my dear. *And now for the coup d'etat* Sloyo only marries money, not beauty.

Aayla: *chuckles, she feels both sorry from this woman and amused by her* You cannot be so sure of that. *casts her eye about the main living area* I have beauty, money, and social rank to my name. Perhaps you have heard of the influential Sivron clan that hails from my home planet of Ryloth.

The Wife: *gnaches her teeth at the girl's good humour* Sivron, you say? Weren't they in danger of losing everything due to an 'unfortunate' misunderstanding?

Aayla: That is all in the past. *an idle wave of her hand* Now tell me, where is Sloyo?

The Wife: He, as you can see, is not here.

Aayla: And when will he return? My visit is of the utmost importance.

The Wife: He will not return. This house is closed to him.

Aayla: I do not believe that you have a say in this matter. Sloyo is an Andoan Official, and you are merely his wife that he tells no one of. I believe you shall be the one leaving.

The Wife: I don't think you understand, my dear. *her voice is as cold as the ice fields of Hoth* Sloyo can do what he wants, when he wants. But if he wishes to live his life as he is used to, he will follow the path that was chosen, or chance the consequences.

Aayla: Oh, but I think I do. You have the audacity to be upset with Sloyo for finding happiness in my arms. If you had ensured that he was happy all along, this would have never come to be. I loathe to think what consequences would be handed down by you. *spits the last word at the increasingly angry wife*

The Wife: There wouldn't be any consequences for me. I am the wife, ergo I am the mistress. I allow Sloyo his freedom, but I don't care for his games.

Aayla: Hrmm. You are the wife and the mistress? What a concept. You do not allow Sloyo anything. He obviously does not need you quite as much as you'd like to think he does.

The Wife: His wallet needs me.

Aayla: And why would a ranking official need your money?

The Wife: Because he wouldn't be a ranking official without it, he would only be a lowly clerk.

Aayla: *snorts* You lie.

The Wife: *snorts right back* And why should I?

Aayla: You've just found out that you are not enough for your husband. You would do or say anything to belittle him in my eyes.

The Wife: What would you say if I told you that I was visited by dozens of little girls like you?

Aayla: It would not matter to me. I am not his wife. He knows the standing of our relationship.

The Wife: As he knows with me. *she walks to a window, watches the clowds* You are not his mistress, that I know for sure. I don't know why you do this for him, but one thing is sure. You would never share his bed.

Aayla: *a small, unnoticeable smile forms at the corners of her mouth* What would make you say such a thing? You do not know what is possible.

The Wife: Yes, everything is possible. *she turns around with a smile on her lips* Even a husband who prefers the company of men.

The Wife: But you don't believe me, right?

Aayla: No, I do not have to believe you; but, such a husband may also prefer the company of his wife as well.

The Wife: That he may do.*she sighs* That he may do.

Aayla: Then why do you not allow him the time he seeks? *goes to the window and stares out at the marshy ocean*

The Wife: Why should I? He doesn't need me, only my name.

Aayla: You do not know that. You cannot know that. Not unless he has told you so himself.

The Wife: He went away one day, never to return. I wished to contact him, but nothing got through. Now, I am the one who ignores a plea.

Aayla: Did you even try to find out why he left? If he had no feelings for you at all, he would not have openly risked his position to have me here for such a task.

The Wife: Maybe that is true. Maybe not. I no longer know what is truth and what is game.

Aayla: That should be your motivation to decipher the difference between the two.

The Wife: Wise words from one so young.

Aayla: Thank you. *a slight incline of her head*

The Wife: But I can't do it.

Aayla: Why do you feel you cannot claim what you say is yours? You were ready to kill me when I approached your door, but now you cannot manage a conversation.

The Wife: It is not the conversation, but the answers I dread.

The Wife: ... and the pain *she whispers so low that only a dream may listen*

Aayla: *turns to the wife* You cannot allow yourself to fear what must be done. If I gave up every time that I was afraid or uncertain, I would never leave my home. You must find that same passion you held ready to strike me with, to broach this issue.

Aayla: Besides, you have not been completely seperated from Officer Gopo; not with his child growing inside of you.

The Wife: *turns abruptly around* What?

Aayla: You know of what I speak. *refuses to look away from the wife's face*

The Wife: How can you know? What magics do you work? *she closes her eyes, denies what cannot be denied*

Aayla: I need no magic to know what I do. This is part of who I am, much like the child and Officer Gopo are part of who you are. You can either deny both of these truths, or you can face the present and give all of you a peacful future together.

The Wife: Maybe it is the future that I fear?

The Wife: *A slight smile*

Aayla: Maybe, but it will catch up to you whether you are prepared to thrive in its presence or not. Why not set the path it is to follow?

The Wife: And why not bury that path under the stones that build it?

Aayla: That depends on what you wish those stones be made of. *suddenly grabs out for the wife's hand* It all comes down to what you want. Officer Gopo has made his choice.

The Wife: Are you afraid I would harm the heir that grows in me? *she takes her hand away, hides it within the wide arms of her dress* Don't be. I cherish what still has no face.

Aayla: I fear that you will hide yourself away from the love that is available to you. Do you know what it is to live without love, and have no choice in the matter?

The Wife: Yes. *she nods* Yes, I know what it means to live without love, to live in solitude if not in body than in heart.

Aayla: But you can change this! I do not understand why you are fighting Sloyo. What has he truly done? He has gone off to work hard and provide for you. He has maintained what your money helped him to achieve. He has been faithful to you, whether you want to believe it or not. The attraction to others may have been present, but he has not acted on it. That is what matters. His dedication is what matters. Your life together. Is. What. Matters.

The Wife: How can I change something that cannot be changed, that is as unconquerable as the bastions of N'kjas? How can I touch a heart that will never beat for me? *she goes away, begins to walk like a feline predator behind bars* I know what matters. Don't tell me things I already know.

Aayla: You obviously do not, if you still believe that your husband cares nothing for you. Would you like to know the grounds on which I am here? The full grounds, on which I really am here.

The Wife: A caring heart is worth nothing if its beat belong to another. But, pray tell, enlight me to the reasons of your visit.

Aayla: I came here to help Officer Gopo, because he required it of me. I asked him to do a favor for an aquaintance, and he specifically asked me to make you jealous by presenting myself to you as his mistress. He intended for you to be angry enough to come for him. I can see that you need someone to simply listen; but, what would be the point of me wasting my breath any further? You are as stubborn as a thousand Twi'lek males. I will return to him, inform him that my efforts caused no satifactory effects, and that I am leaving. *turns toward the door*

The Wife: Yes, go to him. *she whispers, though her words grow louder with every breath* Go back to him and tell him that Jolqo Zumvo of the honourable house of Gopo only accepts his apology when he delivers it in person, on his knees, right in front of me. Here is this house. *the last words are nearly a scream of rage*

Aayla: *stops half way to the door* I will not play messenger to either one of you any longer. If you desire him so badly, you go to him. Any true wife who loves her husband as you say that you do, would not have need for someone to speak for her. She would make her thoughts known to her husband herself. She would let him know to whom he belongs. But I suppose that you must not be much of a wife.

Jolqo: *Somehow she has the urge to scratch the girl's eyes out, but she reigns it in. Blood is such a nuissance to get out of carpet* I am more of a wife than you, girl. *only her stubborn sense of honour allows her to not stomp to where her coat is hanging* But maybe you are right. Maybe Sloyo needs the lesson delivered.

Aayla: I agree. You are more of a wife than I ever shall be, for I will never marry. And Officer Gopo needs to hear your words for himself. He would never trust them if they were merely delivered by me, without feeling what inspired them. *faces Jolqo* Do not let pride keep you where you stand. Let the anger that wants to tear me apart be directed at it's true recipient.

Jolqo: * she nods and listens, listens and learns* You are right, that anger should be used. *She walks out, the door banging it on the wall and making a dent into the expensive paint. After some steps onto the hall, she turns around* Well, what are you waiting for? Come on, you must open the doors on the entrance of a high lady.

Jolqo: Sloyo will be surprized to see his messenger announcing the High Lady of House Gopo.

Jolqo: *She can't help but grin in a way that can only be called manic glee.*

Aayla: *Aayla is not quite sure whether she should follow the woman, or simply let Thol know that he can enjoy his plants now. She desperately wants to leave, before she is drawn into this conflict any further. She decides to go along with the slightly mad woman, in case any innocent citizens or blameless walls require protection.* I am simply waiting for you to exit. You are the High Lady, after all.

Jolqo: *A short time later they arrive at the office, she just stands there and stares at the name plate, as if this cold unfeeling piece of metal decoration on a door held all the answers of the universe. With trembling fingers she touches the raised letters, follows the script till its inevitable end and smoothes imagined blemishes away.*

Aayla: *she watches this with an amused smile upon her face*

Jolqo: What is your name, girl? *she asks while waiting for the door to be opened.*

Aayla: *calmly looks over at the raging wife* Jayz- *She begins to offer one of her many aliases, but stops herself.* Aayla.

Jolqo: Aayla. *she tastes the name like a cherished wine* It suits you. Aayla, who is proud to never bind herself. *and with a smile that speaks of a friendship that will never be, she motions with her hand for Aayla to open the door.*

Aayla: *she pushes the door open for Jolqo, and waves her hand for the High Lady to enter Officer Gopo's office as she steps to the side.*

Jolqo: *she straightens her shoulders* Let the games begin... *she enters the office, slams the doors shut. Those who may be brave enough to dare a walk past the doors to Officer Sloyo Gopo's office will hear not much, only two raised voices obviously in conflict, the destruction of one or two ornamental ceramics within said office and later... much later, a soft moaning, a declaration of maybe not love, but eternal devotion, a union that will not be allowed to break*
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