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01 August 2005 @ 11:59 pm
I meant to contact you. -- AOL Log  
Players: Mace Windu and Aayla Secura
Location: Coruscant for Mace and Ando for Aayla (though I'd like to go after Bail now, please. . .)
Status: Complete
Notes: Thank you to my roleplaying partner.

Aayla: *Aayla flopped down on her guest bed and turned toward the holocommunicator. She pressed in Mace's holophone and waited for him to answer.*

Mace: -Mace looked around towards his desk, hearing his holocommunicator chime. He walks over, sits down in his chair, and turns it on-

Aayla: Master Windu. I hope that I have not caughtt you at a bad time.

Mace: -He smiles shortly in return- Aayla, of course not. I have actually been waiting to hear from you.

Aayla: And I am certainly not without news to pass on to you. Thol has given me the information we need. Bail's disappearance is worse than we originally thought.

Mace: Interesting. -He leans back, and folds his hands together- Please, continue.

Aayla: It seems that Senator Organa has not been taken by any Separatist, but by General Grievous himself. Thol refused to tell me where he found his sources, but it seems that the General and the Senator had a previous connection we knew nothing about.

Mace: A connection? Of what kind?

Aayla: It was not completely clear from Thol's datapad, but it was of the familial sort.

Mace: Familial? -he looks confused, and angered- What would Bail Organa have to do with Grevious?

Aayla: From what I have learned, Grievous was not always made of metal. He had a wife, and somehow she and Bail are related. They could have been cousins or brother and sister. This is what Thol failed to explain.

Mace: Figures. Thats all we need; another puzzle to solve.

Aayla: It is all we need. I am encouraged by the infomation we do have. I finally know where to find them.

Mace: This is comforting news. Where do you need to go?

Aayla: They are currently in the Outer Rim on the planet Ammuud. There is now the matter of having enough Jedi present.

Aayla: This is a planet that does not look kindly on any offworlders, and have already sided with the Separatists. They will die to protect Grievous.

Mace: Not as comforting as I thought. How many do you think we are going to need? We're spread very thin as it is, Aayla

Aayla: I will need to a battalion of clone troopers, but I could use Master Kenobi's help on this retrieval.

Mace: Yes, Master Kenobi is the perfect choice, and take whatever troopers you need.

Aayla: Thank you.

Mace: I wish I could be of more use in this matter. Master Yoda and I have to be here, dancing for the Senators. Someone with good looks has to keep them in line, while Master Yoda does his political speeches.

Aayla: *laughs loudly, throwing her head back as she does so*

Aayla: *she thinks of the other things she has learned while here on Ando, and wraps a lekku around her neck* There's something more, Master Windu.

Mace: He sits up, placing his elbows on his knees, and looks thoughtfully at you- What is it?

Aayla: *hesists a moment and decides to alter her approach* When you look at me, what is the first thing that you notice?

Mace: A talented and remarkable Jedi.

Aayla: *swallows* That is what I hoped you, and everyone else, would see when I greet them. I know that I should not be bothered by this because it comes with the territory, but sometimes the leering eyes and exploring hands get to be too much.

Mace: Yes, I believe it can be that way. I am sorry that I do not know what that feels like.

Aayla: I am used to dressing for whatever role I am to play, but the official over flora got to me. I apologize for going off of the topic, but I felt the need to let that out.

Mace: No, Aayla. This is one reason I am here.

Mace: For guidance, and a shoulder, if need be. Yoda is entirely too short for shoulder talking.

Aayla: *chuckles* What if I told him you said that? *a lopsided grin*

Mace: I doubt he would disagree. As a matter of fact, I believe he would chuckle, and continue on!

Aayla: *laughs and feels better than she has all day* I believe that he would. I admire that he takes it all in his stride. There are times that I compare my calm to his. I shouldn't, but I do.

Mace: I, also, compare my calm to his. There are days I wonder how we all keep it together, during times such as these, and Master Yoda is truly a marvel.

Aayla: Simply knowing that I am able to contact someone for advice is usually enough for me. *grins, teeth and all, at Mace*

Mace: That is what I am here for. -he nods, and holds his hands out gracefully, like he was bowing- Is there anything else that we need to discuss?

Aayla: I do not believe so. I will contact you when I have carried out my end of Thol's bargain, and am leaving for Ammuud.

Mace: Yes, please contact me. Contact Obi Wan also. I would right now, but I do have a matter that also needs my attention. Oh, one more thing..how about your end of the bargain?

Aayla: I will contact him as soon as possible. *pauses a moment* I am to help the official with his private concerns. He has asked that I pretend to be his mistress. *waits for either an angry explosion or cheerful laughter*

Mace: -All you see is one eyebrow go up-

Aayla: *suppresses a chuckle* It is supposed to be innocent enough. *says that last part quickly* At least as much as it can be. I only have to speak to her and convince her of our affair.

Mace: Then I guess you should do that. -he shakes his head and smiles gently-

Aayla: I'll even give you details later on, if you want.

Mace: For Jedi purposes, of course.

Aayla: Of course. *gives a nod* I should begin to formulate a plan on how I will convince Officer Gopo's wife. *pauses*

Mace: I think you should get right on that. -He leans back and stretches a bit- I hate to cut you short, but my meeting is going to go on without me, Aayla. Please, contact me again when you have some more news.

Aayla: That I will. May the Force be with you, Master Windu.

Mace: And with you also, Aayla.
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