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30 July 2005 @ 01:04 am
I should have known he wanted something, too.  
Players: Officer Sloyo Gopo and Aayla Secura
Location: Ando/Officer Sloyo Gopo's office
Status: Complete
Notes: Thank you so much to my partner, grievous_wounds. You are amazing! ; )

Sloyo: -Officer Sloyo Gopo, of the Planetary Department of Flora Control, sits in his beloved office and awaits the arrival of one Jedi Secura. He knows what the Twi'lek will try to bring him allow, and he is quite sure he won't change his mind in this case.-

Aayla: *Aayla presses a call button to the right of Officer Gopo's office door, and waits to be acknowledged.*

Sloyo: -He opens the door with the remote build into his, in his mind at least, quite impressive desk.-

Aayla: *Aayla enters the office, her face even. She can already tell that this officer will not be easily swayed* Officer Gopo, I am pleased that you agreed to see me.

Sloyo: The pleasure is on my side, Jedi Secura. -he answers her with a slight nod of his arachnid seeming head.-

Aayla: *She takes a seat across from the overly large desk that takes up a large chuck of the room's back corners.* That would be Jedi General. *smiles sweetly*

Sloyo: -He smiles as sweetly back at the Twi'lek female.- Of course, Jedi General, of course.

Aayla: There is a matter a plant you consider to be contraband I wish to discuss.

Sloyo: You are speaking of the highly dangerous flora currently residing on one Thol Onate's ship?

Aayla: That would be the one. Thol assures me that he will only relocate the plants to his quarters, and nowhere else while he is here. There should be no opportunity for contamination of your planet's natural environment.

Sloyo: No opportunity for contamination? My dear General, surely you jest?

Aayla: I do not. The handling and transfer of said plants will be meticulous. They will be moved through closed corridors.

Sloyo: Are these corridors tightly sealed, vacuum tight, so that not even the air these plants use and produce may leave the area they are confined to?

Aayla: *sighs softly* I am sure that a shield of sorts can be arranged.

Sloyo: I don't think you could arrange to evacuate a whole town sector for this transport?

Aayla: We would not need to. The plants do not send out fumes or spores. They only present a slight discomfort if they touch your skin. That can be prevented.

Sloyo: Of course, you believe you can. But accidents do happen, and I am here to ensure they find no foothold.

Aayla: I agree. Thol's own people will be responsible for them. They are accustomed to regular interaction with these plants.

Sloyo: Truly, it is a happy day that I hear someone wants to ensure our environments safety. But I am sad to tell you that the rules can't be bent.

Aayla: Precaution is ever present in my mind-

Sloyo: That is, unless you are prepared to pay a certain prize...

Aayla: And what would that price be? *feels that nearly no good can come from the officer's mouth.*

Sloyo: A short moment of your time, General. Only a short moment of your time.

Aayla: That can be arranged. What do you have planned? A meal, perhaps?

Sloyo: A meal sounds like a perfect beginning for what I have in mind.

Aayla: The beginning? Officer Gopo, what exactly do you have in mind? Surely, you must know the life I have chosen.

Sloyo: Do you mean to tell me that Jedi truly live celibate? I have heard other stories. -He looks at her with fake shock in his eyes.- Isn't one of your leaders a husband to four wives?

Aayla: The birth rate of his race allows for this special exception. And yes, I do believe it is possible to live a celibate life. It only distracts us from what we wish to accomplish.

Sloyo: How astonishingly delusional.

Aayla: I believe that it is all a matter of the mind, as is any of life's so-called "needs."

Sloyo: Perfectly, rationally explained, but still delusional. How fortunate for you that an activity like this is not what I wish today.

Aayla: How fortunate. *She cannot keep all of the bite out of her response.* What is it that you want in exchange so that Thol is allowed his comforts?

Sloyo: Only a little theatrical acting at a certain address, General.

Aayla: *swallows an exasperated sigh* To which address am I to report?

Sloyo: -He hands her a datapad with the address. It is the same address in the officer's personal file, better described as the Demon's (Wife's) Den- The lady of the house won't like to see you, but she won't hurt your innocent ears, General.

Sloyo: I hope -he whispers-

Aayla: *She accepted the datapad and looks down at the address and directions on how to get there.* That is no matter. What is the performance?

Sloyo: Make my wife believe I have taken a mistress. Make her jealous.

Aayla: May I inquire as to why you wish this of me?

Sloyo: I wish this of you because my dear lady will not judge the word of a Jedi a lie, even if it is. Instead she will begin a war against the imagined danger to her honour and return to my side.

Aayla: So, you desire me to dishonor the name of the Jedi, to get your wife to love? *thinks of her search for Bail, and weighs it against this small deviation from the Code.* As you wish.

Sloyo: -He hides a smile behind a printout and searches through other papers on his desk- Well, it seems, General Secura, that I may be able to help you with your little problem about foreign flora.

Aayla: *grits her teeth, because she can clearly see the officer smiling* I am pleased that you can. Shall I tell Thol that he may bring his plants off of his ship now?

Sloyo: The earlier the transport is conducted, the better.

Aayla: *nods* I will inform him immediately. *she heads toward the door* Is there any specific time that you'd like me to be at your quarters? Perhaps so that you may show up and enjoy the show? *that same bite creeps into her voice*

Sloyo: I think you should choose the time for your show, General. And my being an audience is probably not needed, don't you agree?

Aayla: That is your choice. Have a good day, Officer Gopo.

Sloyo: A good day to you as well, General Secura.
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