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29 July 2005 @ 02:24 am
It's all about trade. -- AOL Log  
Players: Thol Onate and Aayla Secura
Location: Ando / Thol's Office
Status: To be continued
Notes: Once again, thank you to jinn_n_tonic for playing Thol. We really should have gotten around to posting this sooner. : )

Thol: *Thol scribbled a few final figures on his datapad, then looked over his numbers with a thoughtful scowl, always beyond careful when it came to his business, content to work while he waited for Aayla to be perfectly punctual*

Aayla: *Aayla listened to the dull hum the droid created as it bobbed along at her side. Thol had kindly sent it escort her to his office, though she already knew the way. She appreciated the gesture; since, they had not settled upon a set time to meet.*

Escort Droid: *the droid whistled and clicked as it came up to Thol's door, almost cheerful*

Aayla: *Aayla turned and thanked the droid with a small pat on its side before it moved off. She pressed a button to the side of Thol's door to let him know that she'd arrived.*

Thol: *the door whooshed open and Thol beamed at her across his desk* Good morning, General. I trust you managed to get through the night unaccosted?

Aayla: *Aayla smiled in return as she stepped into Thol's office.* That I did. It is wonderful to enjoy a full night's sleep without worrying about strange men taking liberties.

Aayla: *She nonchalantly strode to the guest seat across from Thol's desk, as though this was a personal visit.*

Thol: *he nodded, setting aside his work* I always want you to feel perfectly at ease while under the auspices of my hospitality.

Aayla: It is all appreciated. Although, you shouldn't feel the need to extend so many courtesies to me. I am certain that you must have clients who feel neglected.

Thol: *he grinned* Don't worry, General, you are by far my favourite client.

Aayla: *smiles softly* Why, thank you. But, I am sure there is someone who provides you with items of more importance that the small trinkets I offer for trade.

Thol: *chuckles* Trinkets are one thing, the pleasure of your company another. And of course, service to the Republic.

Aayla: Of course. Speaking of which, I do believe that you have something that would be of benefit to the Republic's search.

Thol: And that something requires a trinket in return.

Aayla: That all depends on what you are asking.

Thol: *he steepled his fingers thoughtfully* You see, General, I'm missing my plants terribly, and if you could perhaps persuade the officials to allow me to bring my prized darlings off my ship, I would be entirely willing to tell you everything I know regarding the Senator's whereabouts.

Aayla: I know how fond you are of your enchanting foliage, and I shall see what I can do. Some rules are there for a reason, Thol. Was there anything else that you might be interested in, should I fail to bring your plants to you?

Thol: *he smiled* You never fail, General. I have complete faith in your abilities to convince the authorities that my darlings will not go any farther than into my quarters and then shall return to my ship when my business here is concluded.

Aayla: I am honored by the level of faith you have in abilities. I will do what I can. *She wonders if she should simply leave now, since she now knows what Thol wants. The lull in conversation could head in several directions, and Aayla is not sure she wants to explore some of them.*

Thol: You always do. *he looks idly at the datapads on his desk, then slides one across to her*

Aayla: *She eyes the datapad warily before picking it up. She looks down at the words on the screen and looks up at Thol.* What is this?

Thol: *a little shrug* What you require in return.

Aayla: You're trusting me with this information now, before I've even left the room to speak with the officials in regards to your plants? That is an unusual thing for you to do, Thol.

Thol: *rolls his lower lip in his teeth* If my information is correct, which I'm certain it is, mind, then speed is of the essence.

Aayla: *She looks down at the datapad again. She scans through the information quickly, hoping to catch the most pressing portions first. It seemed that Bail was being taken to the Outer Rim.* I trust that you are correct, seeing as Senator Organa is being held by the Separatist leader himself.

Aayla: Might I inquire as to where you got this information? Someone of importance, maybe?

Thol: *he makes an expansive gesture with his hands* My sources are, I'm afraid, my own.

Aayla: *She nods* That is understandable. I thought I'd ask anyway. Even that lead would help. To obtain something like this *she half waves the datapad at Thol* would be difficult. I knew that you were the among the best in your field, but I guess that I didn't give you enough credit. Is there anything else that I should know?

Thol: *shakes his head* Only that I should hope for a pleasure visit once, General, as opposed to business.

Aayla: *The underlying plea in Thol's voice caused his words to sting Aayla more than she'd been prepared for. In the time that the trades and banter had been a well-matched game between the two of them, Thol had apparently come to care for her. This realization made Aayla cringe inwardly. He'd always been her "informant," and not much more. Shame ate away at her insides.*

Aayla: *She twisted a lekku as she responded* I will have to set aside some time for such a visit after Senator Organa has been returned.

Thol: *Thol shrugged* The war is demanding, I understand. And I'm hardly entertaining company.

Aayla: You are fine company. It is I who's been neglectful. For that, I apologize.

Thol: *he waved her apology away* Don't apologise to me, General. You've my plants to arrange. And a Senator to rescue in a suitably dramatic fashion

Aayla: *She chuckles and rises to leave.* That I do. *She nearly makes it to the door when she looks back over her shoulder.* I will come for a personal visit, Thol. You always have a way to contact me after I leave Ando. Use it, and let me know where.

Thol: *he smiles warmly at her* I will, General. What is it you lot say? May the Force be with you?

Aayla: *She chuckles again.* Yes, 'we lot' say, "May the Force be with you."

Thol: And as we say, a hundred thousand blessings follow your feet.

Aayla: *She nods once more before stepping out of the room.*
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