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22 July 2005 @ 11:12 am
Master Windu finally gets in on some action!  
Players: Mace Windu and Aayla Secura
Locations: Ando for Aayla and Coruscant for Mace
Status: Complete
Notes: My lovely roleplay partner coded this sucker, before I even had a chance to ask. Thanks!

Aayla: *Aayla moves to lower herself into a plush armchair that is wedged in a corner of her guest rooms. She thinks about the interruption in her scheduled reports to Master Windu, and heads to the holocommunicator instead. She presses in his quarters on Coruscant, and waits.*

Mace: -Mace Windu sits in his quarters inside the Temple, meditating, as usual. For some reason, he had forgotten to turn off the communicator, and he heard it chiming. He makes an annoyed face. Not at the actual person who is making the call, but at the fact that he usually shuts that off before doing anything involving the Force. He gets up from the padded mat, and slinks into his desk chair, and pushes the ON button of the holo-

Aayla: Master Windu.

Mace: It's been somtime since I've heard from you. How is your search going?

Aayla: The search had a false start on Cularin, but I did discover that Separatist droids were collecting supplies there. I was unable to locate Bail, so I have returned to Thol on Ando.

Mace: And what are your current plans?

Aayla: I have thanked him for the lead that allowed me to uncover the supply route, and he has offered me room and board for the night. I will discuss any new findings he has discovered since we last spoke.

Mace: -He leans back in his desk chair, his hands steepled, as normal Mace Windu fashion- Have you any new findings other than what you have told me?

Aayla: I am learning what I can with each passing day. Although I am set to speak with Thol in the morning after a night of 'rest', I can tell that he clearly knows something.

Mace: Do you think this "something" is worth all of this? -he waves his hands around his quarters- It seems all we do it fight - rarely defend. Our own people seem to do nothing but quarrel and bicker. Nothing gets done. -nods his head in your direction- At least you are doing some good. Taking some action into helping Organa.

Aayla: I think that it is worth it. The Senator is an admirable man, and he should not be held captive for the purpose we fear that is. He will not agree to be used in such a manner; and I fear that if we do not find him before the Separatists have given up on using him, he will surely be disposed of.

Mace: Yes, I believe so. -he leans back into the chair some more, rubbing his right temple thoughtfully- Have you heard from anyone else in your travels?

Aayla: I have. I have communicated with both Anakin Skywalker and Master Kenobi.

Aayla: And, I have also checked the Holonet every so often for news.

Mace: -he sits up a tad, looking straight at you- With Anakin? How is the boy?

Aayla: He was well enough when I last spoke to him. He was. . . He contacted me about wrappings.

Mace: -He raises an eyebrow- Wrappings?

Aayla: He was attempting to balance a baby by the name of "Leia."

Aayla: I gave him the advice he sought, and was surprized to learn of a "Luke," as well.

Mace: Babies? How in the name of the Force did he come across babies? And why was he balancing them?

Aayla: He was only balancing one, whom would be Leia. He was trying to hold a conversation with me at the same time. I would think that these children came into being the same way that all children must.

Mace: -he makes a face- I would figure that much, but, how did.... -he looks away, thoughtfully- Who's children are these, Master Aayla?

Aayla: *She presses her lips together and wraps her lekku around her shoulders. It is evident to her that she can no longer hide the truth of "Luke" and "Leia" any longer.* I believe that they are his children. I heard him tell Leia not to pee on "daddy's" tunic.

Mace: -he sighs deeply, leans to the side of the chair so he can put his left ankle on his right knee, and begins to rub his right temple again- As I thought. I do not sense Anakin as I used to. He seems, different. -He looks up a tad- Was Obi Wan with him at this time?

Aayla: Well, yes. They were returning to Coruscant at the time of the conversation. I was on my way here; so, it has been a few days past.

Mace: -He nods, satisfied with the answer- Then you know of Anakin's leaving of the Order?

Aayla: Yes, I do. I was saddened to hear the news, but I was not surprized. I suppose that he left when he took the name, "Lord Vader." It is simply official now.

Mace: Yes, very official. I'm disappointed, to say the least. So many things he could have accomplished... So many. And what of Obi-Wan?

Mace: He also does not keep in that close of contact.

Aayla: I believe that Anakin can still accomplish some good with his life. Despite anyone's views on his leaving the Order, Anakin can bring his own peace into this world. Obi-Wan was panicked the last time I spoke to him. He warned me away from Cularin. When I spoke to Anakin about the wrappings, I understand that Obi-Wan and Luke were asleep.

Mace: -he nods again- Our Order is slowly dimishing.

Aayla: But in endings, there are new beginnings. We may not be able to see them for what they are, but they will make themselves known to us after all has passed as it will. You taught me that, Master Windu.

Mace: -He shows a small smile and sits up, placing both feet on the floor, and his elbows on his knees- Using my own words against me I see. Only good students do that. Very good. -He quietly chuckles. He hasnt really smiled in a long time- And what do YOU believe those beginnings will be?

Aayla: *She offers a slight bow of her head in acknowledgment of Mace's compliment.* I believe that those beginnings will be muddled by the darkness that will precede them. But they are there, waiting to be met through the uncertainty that the future creates.

Mace: -He looks at her intently, and then sighs- Such a cryptic message. You're beginning to even sound like me. Master Yoda also believes this. It only gets worse before it gets better.

Aayla: This is how all things occur in life. We must remember that we can only sink so far, before we rise from the rubble. I do not doubt that the Republic can be saved. It may not happen in the time that we expect, but it will come.

Mace: I doubt it will be in our lifetimes. These things take time, and I know the worlds are just not patient enough. There are times when I feel I am not. Too many things, happening to good people.

Mace: Too many of our own brothers and sisters missing or dead.

Aayla: *She nods solemnly.* Far too many. I sometimes wonder if I shall see the other side of this war, and I do not believe that I will. *She finishes the last words softly, almost to herself.*

Mace: -He leans forward, and almost growls into the communicator- You WILL come back to the Temple. You WILL come back to your family here. I, if not no one else, have the utmost confidence that you will.

Aayla: I may return this time, Master Windu, but I cannot ignore the impression that this will not always be so. I would rather meet my end head on to fight for all that I hold to be true, rather than hide myself away like a coward. The innocent cannot help themselves, so I will do what I must. *The corners of her mouth twitch oddly for a moment.* We all must.

Mace: Yes. As you do there, I do here. The people need reassurance, and the Jedi are not giving it to them. The Senate is always saying one thing, and they are beginning to become harder to tolerate. Without people like Bail and Padme, the Senate seems to be in shambles.

Aayla: It is, and returning Senator Organa to his fellow senators is all that I can do to aid us, at the moment. *She sighs, weary from lack of sleep and the culminating stress.* Master Windu, it is quite late here, and I have an early meeting with Thol. I will be in touch as soon as I learn anything new.

Mace: Please, do so.. You are in my thoughts. May the Force be with you.

Aayla: And with you, Master Windu.
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