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21 July 2005 @ 10:32 pm
Sometimes, searches take detours to ocean planets.  
Players: Aayla Secura and Thol Onate
Location: The ocean planet of Ando.
Status: To be continued
Notes: Many thanks to jinn_n_tonic, who brought Thol to life. I told her the basics about him that I previously created on my end, and she brought him on home. Thanks, hon. Much appreciated.

Aayla: *Aayla set the borrowed cargo ship on one of the landing pads that dotted Ando's sole land mass. She shut down all of the ship's systems and made her way toward Thol Onate's quarters.*

Aayla: *She'd called ahead, so that he would expect her, and she would not be forced to wait in his office or an antechamber amongst one of his tentacle-like plants that reached out to capture any thing that moved. Aayla had been caught about the wrist once, and the secretions that burned through her skin was experience enough.*

Aayla: *She made her way through the connected building and the branching, elevated walkways that would led her to Thol's quarters. She sighed to herself just thinking of what he would request of her. Once she reached his door, Aayla raised her hand to press the button situated to the side of the polished metal; but, she was surprized to see it open before she could do so.*

Thol: *Thol grinned at her, portly and jolly, though the sharp teeth in his grin rather belayed the innocuous first appearance* General Secura, always a delight, always. Won't you come in?

Aayla: *She matches his toothy grin with one of her own.* Of course. I take it that you have been well, Thol.

Thol: *he stepped back through the doorway and gestured her inside with an expansive motion of his hand* Business is well, which means I am well. *the quarters were sparse and elegant, not Thol's normative style at all which spoke to being borrowed as opposed to enjoyed*

Aayla: *She stepped around Thol into the room, taking in the surroundings as she does so.* I see that you have neglected to bring your famed plants with you. Have they gotten ahold of the wrong person? *she grins once more*

Thol: *drops his portly self into a large, soft chair* Would you believe that this planet has restrictions on what flora you can bring in? I tried to say that they were an intregal part of my business, but there was no hearing, naturally.

Aayla: *She seats herself upon a chair opposite of Thol's.* Naturally. Although, I do believe they were more useful as intimidation tools than anything else.

Aayla: They certainly could not have been used for aesthetic beauty.

Thol: *laughs and grins* My dear, that is an intregal part of my business from time to time.

Aayla: *Allows a small laugh as well* I suppose so. You know why I have come.

Thol: *steeples his pudgy fingers* Your chase after the Senator is following a cold trail, yes? *tuts softly* I suspect you've come to make another bargain with old Thol, hmmm?

Aayla: I have, in fact. I am surprized to return to you so soon. I am usually able to follow your leads to their sucessful ends. I did happen to locate a Separatist ship, but it was only a droid retrieval. I am beginning to think that you sent me on a wild bantha chase. Perhaps in hopes of weedling something out of me.

Thol: *tries to look very innocent* Would I attempt to trick a wise and powerful Jedi? Your confidence in me is overwhelming!

Aayla: *She chuckles in the back of her throat.* I do believe that you would try. Whether it was your intention or not, finding that supply line will be of great use to the Republic's efforts. For that, I thank you.

Thol: So long as I can aid the Republic, I shall be able to sleep at night. *he laughs, beckoning over a small droid* A drink, General?

Aayla: Will this be another attempt to serve me more than wine?

Thol: *clears his throat, unpleasantly reminded of that incident, but puts on his best convincing smile* Unless you'd fancy a glass of Correlian brandy, no.

Aayla: I think that I will pass this time anyway. I have a ship to fly shortly.

Thol: *he gives the droid an order in his own language which sounds more like clicks and purrs than anything else, and the little droid returns after a moment with a glass of amber liquid* General, you know my hospitality knows no limits. Indulge, stay the evening, and begin the chase afresh in the morning. Rest is beneficial to the mind, after all.

Aayla: I agree that your hospitality has never left me wanting for any worldly comforts. Speaking of which, how did the gash on Bolly's leg heal? I trust that he has learned not to crawl into bed with strangers now.

Thol: *he laughs and lifts the glass to her* You teach your lessons with marvellous permanancy, General. He's quite restrained these days. *drinks down the brandy with a sigh*

Aayla: I am glad to hear this. You should teach your underlings that they will one day cross the wrong woman. Or the wrong Jedi, rather.

Thol: *chuckles* I try, but there are some lessons that need to be learned the hard way. *grins at her again* Since he'll be no bother, I take it you'll have a drink and share some war stories with this dull old merchant before taking off into the wild unknown in the morning, yes?

Aayla: *She grins in spite of the tendrils of anger that still grip her when she thinks of last time she 'enjoyed' Thol's nightly accommodations.* I am certain that you are not nearly as dull as you make yourself seem; but, I will not turn away the opportunity to share a story or two.

Aayla: *She smiles at Thol and considers the glass in his hand. Maybe she should have accecpted a brandy or a glass of wine.*

Thol: *beams at her* Excellent. Which means I'm certain you won't turn down my brandy. Hard to come buy with the war. *sends the droid off again without waiting for an answer*

Aayla: *She looks after the droid momentarily.* Have you developed a talent for reading the thoughts of those in your company, Thol?

Thol: *he chuckles* Hardly, my dear, hardly. Merely an instinct for what people want.

Aayla: I imagine that is a lucrative instinct to possess. *She stifles a sigh, as she is anxious to uncover any news of Bail. She decides to allow her patience to guide her instead.*

Thol: *the little droid bleeps at her, offering a glass* So tell me of your latest adventures and then we shall discuss your troubles finding the missing Senator, hmm?

Aayla: *She accepts the glass and presses it to her sealed lips. She wipes the brandy from her mouth with her fingertips before beginning.* I began my search for Senator Organa on Cularin, as you suggested. I briefly took in the more colorful side of it's population prior to receiving a holocall from Anakin. We had to disconnect sooner than I had hoped, but it was worth it, in my opinion. I couldn't very well rid the moon of those droids and chatter away at the same time, now could I?

Thol: *he chuckles* Of course not, of course not.

Aayla: I explored the vessel the droids were loading, but I left ere I could finish searching the moon. I was informed that it did hold what I sought after all. Now, I have returned to you.

Thol: *nods* And now, you are still on the Senator's trail and it's up to old Thol to point you in the direction you need to go, eh?

Aayla: I would appreciate the assistance, yes. I know that you always manage to learn all that should be considered important in the entire galaxy.

Thol: *roaring laughter* Such a high opinion of me, General! You flatter an old man.

Aayla: I tell the truth. You are not so old that you have lost your collected years of resources. *She raises an eyebrow at the last sentence to highlight its numerous meanings.*

Thol: Ah, but knowledge always has a price, my dear. *there's a glint in his eye that means he means business now*

Aayla: I would not expect anything else. *She inclines her head, getting his drift.* What price would such a small piece of information require?

Thol: A small piece? A small piece? *he chuckles* It's a piece of information that is very dear, I assure you, and not easily come by. Why, I've kept my ear to the ground for many a day, listening for rumours and tracing down some leads for a hint of what might have become of the dear missing Senator. After all, on his welfare rides the morale of the Republic, does it not?

Aayla: It does. I can only be grateful that you have invested so much of yourself into Senator Organa's return.

Thol: *he grins* Only for you, dear General. Only for you. So perhaps we can both relax and enjoy ourselves, and in the morning, I will point you in the direction of the tragically missing Senator.

Aayla: *She smiles.* I am honored that you feel I am worthy of such effort. And I agree, I could use some rest. If you could have a droid direct me, I will be on my way.

Thol: *he hauls himself out of the chair* No, no, no, do allow me. I would not be so ungalant as to allow a droid to act as host for you.

Aayla: *She rises with her host.* I should not have insulted you by suggesting it in the first place. *She half smiles in the same manner that makes Thol's eyebrows twitch every time.*

Thol: *and his eyebrows do twitch, leaving him to pull on his beard slightly, then show her to her quarters, all the while making pleasantries about the robust trading in blue pearls on this planet*

Aayla: *She keeps her gaze upon Thol's wide face as they move through the corridors. She smiles to herself when she sees Thol twitch and subtly straighten his clothing as he goes on about the planet's blue pearls.* Is that so?

Aayla: Do all of the pearls reach that size, or just the cultivated variety?

Thol: *he grins* They have difficultly cultivating the blue ones. Luckily, they grow wild fairly well, and the locals can be convinced to harvest them for a good price. *his grin grows* Apparently, blue prizes worth winning require an effort.

Aayla: *Aayla swallows the laughter that fought to be released. Instead, she turns to the smooth, blue door that they'd suddenly stopped in front of.*

Thol: *he waves the door open, the whole room is bathed in a watery blue light, cool and relaxing* Apparently, on a water planet, one can't escape the water theme. *he shrugs and smiles* But I fancy you'll be comfortable.

Aayla: I believe that I shall. *she leans toward Thol for a light hug* Good night, Thol.

Thol: *he hugs her back, a little awkwardly* And to you, my dear. Then, in the morning, business! *he says this with a certain glee, rubbing his palms together as he heads off for his own quarters, singing a drinking song in an obscure dialect in a robust baritone all the way there*

Aayla: *Aayla watches him disappear around the corner before stepping into her own guest quarters for the night.*
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