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15 July 2005 @ 07:46 pm
Ninja Death Battle of Death and Destruction  
Players: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Palpatine
Location: Senate Apartments
Status: Complete

Anakin: *Anakin and Obi-Wan spared no haste in getting the children in the safe hands of one Master Yoda and picking up the elder Jedi's lightsabre. They walk up to the Chancellor's top floor apartments with purpose, Anakin leading Obi-Wan by his wristcuffs. He glances over his shoulder once mouthing "I love you.". He regains his focus and palms open the door. Knocking, at this point, is overrated.*

Palpatine: -is waiting for them in the large sitting room. His face is completely expressionless as the two enter the room.- What took you? -Isn't really even looking at them.-

Anakin: Forgive me, my Master *he stops once they're fully in the apartments, reluctantly releasing his hold on obi-wan's cuffs* I had some business to take care of. You understand, of course.

Obi-Wan: -Just hangs back, silent. He keeps his head bowed so he doesn't have to look at Sidious and concentrates the majority of his thought on sheilding his thoughts.-

Palpatine: -Dryly- Of course. So tell me. Is Master Secura dead? -There is a rather odd note to his voice-

Anakin: Yeah...about that. *rubs the back of his head* You see, there was this thing, right...Really it's just a little thing and well, I was forced to abandon my mission. But, I can assure you that she's not on Tilnes any longer. *there's that roguish grin again, even a quick wink*

Palpatine: -He shakes his head, finally looks up at him- I must say, you're turning into a bit of a disappointment, Anakin. -Yeah, he called him Anakin.- You failed to kill Master Secura, you failed to kill Kenobi... and then you failed to capture him.

Anakin: Then perhaps in the future you should make note exactly how far you can go before you cross the line. *he ignites his sabre* Because as many failures as you list, you will note that I have succeeded in defying you and quite honestly, you have nothing holding me to you now. Your hand is nothing but twos and threes, better fold while you still have the chance.

Obi-Wan: -Has every intention of dropping the cuffs since the game is so obviously up, when the very strongest concentration of Force energy he's ever felt slams him into the wall and holds him there- Anakin!

Palpatine: -Gets liesurely to his feet, no weapon yet visible.- I've never been much of a card player, though. -He shrugs just a bit.-

Anakin: *Anakin's attention shoots to Obi-Wan. His brow knits together and Palpatine finds himself on the receiving end of the patented Skywalker look of death* Let him go. *firming up his grip on his sabre*

Palpatine: -shakes his head, smiles a bit- Later, perhaps.

Anakin: *follows him with his eyes* Then shall we just get this over with?

Palpatine: Lets. -still hasn't made a move for any weapons. He just stands calmly, watching Anakin.-

Anakin: *Anakin would've much rather had Palpatine make the first move, but seeing as the old man isn't going anywhere, he closes the distance between them and yes, actually stands on his desk*

Palpatine: -doesn't move anywhere. Is so waiting for the opportunity to show off a bit. Says dryly- Whenever you're ready.

Anakin: *raises a brow* Forgive me, but I won't fight an unarmed opponent. *a gesture* If you wouldn't mind at least reaching for your blade so that I can have justification to kick your ass...

Palpatine: Anakin... -he moves as if reaching for his blade- I am never an unarmed opponent. -He whips his hand in Anakin's direction, nearly touching his midsection, spidery bolts of blue Force lightening spiking out at the younger man.-

Anakin: *Anakin was, well, not expecting that to say the least. He screams, though he can't hear it himself, he's sure the sound is coming out of his mouth and is propelled backwards, slamming into the wall. His body slides down it and appears limp*

Obi-Wan: -Is going quietly insane.- Anakin! -That may or may not be the only thing he can think to say during this fight. He glares at Palpatine.-

Anakin: *Anakin doesn't move. His hand isn't even firmly around his blade handle. He's just waiting for Palpatine to move closer, to stop the cheap shots, because apparently that was one. Who knew.*

Palpatine: -takes a few steps towards Anakin's prone form then stops, finally taking his own lightsaber to hand, igniting the red blade.- Really, Anakin. I would have thought you knew me better than that.

Anakin: *A smirk spreads across his face and his eyes snap open just in time with him leaping off the floor and attacking Palpatine, their blades clashing faster than any non Jedi could keep up with* You can't blame a man for trying.

Palpatine: -uses their joined blades and a bit of the Force to push Anakin back, get him off his balance then comes in, attacking with more agility and speed than should be allowed in a man of his age. He's probably done talking.-

Anakin: *keeping up easilly with him. He's doing his best not to employ more use of the force than is necessary to predict his movements. He gets in a near hit, singing the front of Palpatine's robes, but not actually hitting him.*

Palpatine: -so, not done talking apparently- Very good. -He launches another offensive, trying subtley to back Anakin into the corner.-

Anakin: *Anakin realizes this almost too late and runs up the wall behind him to flip over Palpatine and land on the otherside of him nimbly. He smirks* I learned from the best. *clearly referring to Obi-Wan*

Obi-Wan: -who is feeling a bit better now. Anakin is doing quite well. He's itching to join in the fight like mad.-

Palpatine: -turns to face Anakin, this time he stays where he is.- Relatively, perhaps. -He stands, lightsaber angled toward the floor and just... watches Anakin.-

Anakin: *this is unnerving. he leers at Palpatine, unsure of what exactly he's going to do next, never one to waste a moment, he slashes across the old man's chest, angling it enough to relieve him of the use of his blade arm. Takes a step back, summoning Obi's lightsabre from his belt to his free hand, stands before Palpatine with two ignited sabres, not letting him out of his sight*

Palpatine: -Well, was caught off guard there, apparently. He cries out in pain and, his concentration broken, loses his hold on Obi-Wan. -

Obi-Wan: -who drops to the floor, suprised by the suddeness with which the strong hold disappears, then gets to his feet, knocks off the cuffs and summons Palpatines lightsaber to himself, going to Anakin's side.-

Anakin: *levelling a glare at him* I could kill you. *a beat* In fact, I should kill you.

Palpatine: Then go on, Anakin. -His voice is tight with pain, but doesn't waver. He keeps his gaze firmly on Anakin.-

Anakin: *blades scissor style on either side of his neck, ready to kill him in the same manner he killed Dooku. And then, he withdraws.* No. It isn't the Jedi way. *a sneer* Go find yourself a desolate planet somewhere and rot for all I care.

Obi-Wan: -looks from Anakin to Palpatine. Is about to say something... -

Palpatine: -Even now could not be considered an unarmed opponent. Clearly annoyed by Anakin's refusal to strike, Palpatine makes as if to stand, leave, then turns again. Will make another cheap shot. He growls, his remaining hand flashing out and in the direction of the Jedi, Force lightening shooting out in one long harsh blast aimed at the Chosen One. Then he does turn tail and run.-

Anakin: *blocks it with the blades, forced backwards by the sheer pressure of the lightening. his instincts lead him to give chase at first but he skids to a stop at the edge of the landing platform Palpatine disappeared off of*

Obi-Wan: -He runs after as well, peering over the edge, then over at Anakin.- ....... -he doesn't seem to have anything verbal to say so he'll let his nonplussed expression say it all.-

Anakin: *softly* Don't look at me like that. *turns, goes back into the apartment, turning off both lightsabres. he sighs* I...*a pause* I *he shakes his head and looks at Obi-Wan* May I return with you to your chamers to prepare my resignation from the order?

Obi-Wan-He nods.- Yes. -a pause- That soon, then? -referring to Anakin's imminent departure-

Anakin: *looks away again* Well, I haven't got much choice have I? I was planning to record it, give you the disk and my sabre and...*this last part makes his chest tighten* say goodbye.

Obi-Wan: -He doesn't say anything to that. He's really not ready for that part yet. Instead he looks back over the edge of the platform.- Did he die?

Anakin: I doubt it, but who knows. *he's already making his way out of the apartments. He can't stand the tension anymore* Come on, we need to be going.

Obi-Wan: -He sighs just a bit and follows Anakin out of the apartment without a word.-
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