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21 July 2005 @ 01:53 pm
for the best...  
Players: Anakin and Obi-Wan
Location: Obi-Wan's chambers
Status: Complete *sniff*

Anakin: *Anakin steps forth from his former chambers, recorder and lightsabre to hand. He presents them to Obi-Wan, and avoids eye contact at all costs.*

Obi-Wan: -Obi-Wan takes them, seems almost afraid they'll burn his hands when he touches them. He swallows and says quietly.- I'll... I'll take them after you leave.

Anakin: *he licks his lips, focusing on an inconsequential spot on his now former master's shoulder* I...suppose this is goodbye then. *he can feel his heart tensing in his chest, the tears beginning to prick at his eyes*

Obi-Wan: I suppose so. -he sets the recorder and Anakin's lightsaber to the side, then stands there for a moment, at a loss. Complete silence for a few seconds, then, without preamble he pulls Anakin into a tight hug-

Anakin: *returns it just as tightly, burrowing his face in Obi-Wan's shoulder, muffled, strained words escape his throat.* I don't want to do this. I don't want to leave you.

Obi-Wan: I don't want you to. -shuddery sigh as if he's fighting tears- I could.. I could just come with you... help you train the twins...

Anakin: I wish you could...*he bites down on his lower lip, almost hard enough to draw blood* but you have to stay here. they need you. we'll be fine. they need you more...the galaxy still needs its hero.

Obi-Wan: -After a pause, he nods- All right. -he pulls away, just far enough to kiss his forehead. And then his cheeks. And then his nose, and then his mouth. All kissy and stuff like he's trying to store them up.-

Anakin: *whispered against his lips* It's selfish, but by force...I want you to. *kisses him fully, drawing his lower lip into his mouth, one hand coming up to his cheek and holding his face firmly to the kiss*

Obi-Wan: -Would answer, but he can't talk very well with his lip in Anakin's mouth. So he just kisses back, hands sliding down to Anakin's butt (hah, i said butt) and pulling him close-

Anakin: *kissing along his jaw to his ear, whispering* I want you...one last time. I want to feel you inside of me and *kisses the lobe, tugging on it with his teeth* if you're up for it...I want to make love to you. *notice he didn't say fuck or shag or anything else. 'make love' *

Obi-Wan: -Small nod, he has a vision of himself lifting Anakin into his arms and carrying him to the bedroom a la cheesy romance novel, but... nah. Instead he kisses Anakin's forehead again and puts his arm around him, leading him back.-

Anakin: *Anakin catches whisps of the image and smiles* You old romantic, you.

Obi-Wan: -Bit of a grin.- It was appealing for a moment. But then I realized that you're so tall you'd have to scrunch into a ball to avoid hitting the walls in the hallway. Not quite as nice like that.

Anakin: *he laughs, turning to face Obi-Wan again, his back to the bed* it's a nice thought. *kissing him gingerly, luring him into something more perhaps*

Obi-Wan: -Perhaps? He doesn't need to be lured. He slides his hands into Anakin's hair, his own secret little obsession, as he kisses back with fervour.-

Anakin: *groans, backing up further, closer to the bed, the matress hits his knees and he falls backwards onto it. Props himself up on his elbows, looking wantonly up at Obi-Wan, becons him with a smirk and a curled finger*

Obi-Wan: -Has to laugh just a bit, he lets himself fall forward, catching his weight on his hands so as not to just... well, fall on Anakin. That would hardly be romantic. He sets to showing some love to Anakin's neck, kissing and sucking, and this time.. he's leaving marks.-

Anakin: *Anakin moans, hardly shy about being vocal, in fact he tilts his head back and pratically begs Obi-Wan to continue the attention on his neck, one hand lacing into his hair, the other gliding down his stomach to his groin. Anakin licks his lips, already imagining what's waiting there for him*

Obi-Wan: -Anakin is going to have a nice little collection of marks to remember him by. He moves his attention downward, collarbone, shoulder... When Anakin's hand starts questing though, he feels that enough time has passed for clothes to be removed, so he sits up a bit- I'm taking this off you... sit up a little... -and slides his hands under Anakin's tunic-

Anakin: *Anakin can't help but laugh a little. He sits and allows his tunics to be removed. He groans at the sensation of Obi-Wan's hands gliding up his chest. He'd forgotten how deliciously wonderful it was to be undressed by someone else. Once his torso is without clothing he shifts closer to the centre of the bed, more so he can fit the whole of his limbs on it than anything, pulling Obi-Wan with him by his belt.*

Obi-Wan: -Now that he has the whole expanse of Anakin's chest and stomach bare he goes to town, kissing, licking... he shows love to his nipples and his navel, the kisses along the lines of muscle and bone. He's really going at it now that he knows he won't be able to again.-

Anakin: *Anakin is so overwhelmed by sensations that he can barely muster the conviction required to relieve his master of his own tunics. He does, however manage it though how he did is beyond even him. His fingers glide with a feather light touch down the smooth curves of Obi-Wan's back*

Obi-Wan: -He shivers a bit at the touch, then smiles up at Anakin.- Tickles a little. -he doesn't seem to mind at all, though. He undoes the fastening of Anakin's trousers and pushes them down letting his fingers do the feather light thing along Anakin's thighs. Perhaps trying to tickle back, maybe... -

Anakin: *Anakin shivers and squirms, hits him playfully in the lower back. He sits up enough to claim Obi-Wan's mouth as his own, a low groan as their tongues spar*

Obi-Wan: -Chuckles into the kiss just a bit, but returns it enthusiastically. After a very long moment, he breaks it, pushing Anakin back onto the bed with a grin- I was in the middle of something here...

Anakin: *Anakin licks his lips, his chest rising and falling heavilly* I know. I just couldn't resist those lips anymore. *a wry grin, his eyes fixed on Obi-Wan*

Obi-Wan: -He chuckles, sits back on his feet and takes Anakin's leggings by the cuffs, pulling them the rest of the way off in a few quick tugs. Then, without much warning at all, he reaches up and takes hold of Anakin's cock.-

Anakin: *Anakin GROANS in surprise, his hips rising up to Obi-Wan's hand almost on instinct. His eyelids flutter and fingers fist the bedcoverings beneath him*

Obi-Wan: -He chuckles a bit, leans down to add to the stimulation, flicking his tongue at the head of Anakin's cock before taking it into his mouth and putting his tongue to further use there. He holds his other hand out, abusing the Force by using it to summon the little tube of lubricant.-

Anakin: *there is a string of explitives from Anakin. Clearly he's enjoying this more than he should. One of his hands moves from the sheets into Obi-Wan's hair, almost clinging to the sandy locks*

Obi-Wan: -He can't help but chuckle a bit as he works on Anakin, his hand playing at the base, stroking and twisting, its motion a complete contrast to his mouth. His other hand is working on uncapping the lube. It seems a bit hairy for a moment, he wonders if he'll actually be able to do it, but a few moments later he has three slick fingers ready. He starts in with one, curling and twisting the finger inside Anakin until he deems the boy ready for a second.-

Anakin: *it goes against several grains in Anakin's body to be going any sort of slow, but by force is he enjoying himself. However, he can't help but want to get things moving a little, what with being forever eager and all and he rocks down as much as his position will allow onto the finger in question*

Obi-Wan: -Its his own version of teasing. Another finger, then the third and this time he brushes across Anakin's prostate as he goes.-

Anakin: *Anakin's eyes widen and he nearly tears some of Obi-Wan's hair out of his head* Nnnngh *something that sounds like "More...please, need you..." but anything that comes out of his mouth is a little more than incoherent at this point.*

Obi-Wan: Ow. -He grins though, rubs at the slightly sore patch on his head now.- Hasty, aren't you? -He obliges, though, slicking himself up and moving into place on top of Anakin, taking his mouth in a kiss as he pushes inside him in one smooth stroke-

Anakin: *devouring his mouth, arching off the bed as Obi-Wan enters him, that delicious feeling of intense pleasure and the lingering pain of being stretched. Oh how he loves it so.*

Obi-Wan: -He has to stop for a moment once he's in there, its been a while after all and Anakin's body really is one of the more incredible places to be. A pause, in which he returns Anakin's kisses almost feverishly, ensues then he starts moving slowly, gradualy speeding up as he goes.-

Anakin: *his voice is confined to incoherent moans and groans as he rocks back against his master, his body tensing and relaxing with Obi-Wan's rhythm.*

Obi-Wan: -He moans too, feeling like he's about to die from all the wonderful feeling of it, buries his face in the crook of Anakin's neck and keeps going at it, one hand reaching down so that he can stroke Anakin's cock. Since he's good like that, he alternates his rhythms here, thrusting fast and stroking slow, angling now to hit Anakin's prostate.-

Anakin: *his breath hitches in his throat and it comes out, when it does, in a sharp squeak. His eyes widen, fingers tightening in Obi-Wan's hair, one set of fingernails digging into his shoulderblades*

Obi-Wan: -Obi-Wan ALMOST just stops. If it wasn't all so good he probably would, as it is, he can't. So he keeps going, his hand speeding up on Anakin's cock to catch up with the time of his well angled thrusts, and he lets out a strangled little laugh, kissing Anakin's neck-

Anakin: *nips his ear* What? *shifts their position enough to capture Obi-Wan's lips with his own.*

Obi-Wan: -Quick little shake of his head, grinning, can't talk right now. Will tease later. Instead he does the plundering of Anakin's mouth thing and moves even faster. Is almost there.-

Anakin: *His muscles begin to tense and spasm uncontrollably. His fingernails dig deeper into Obi-Wan's flesh, moaning into his mouth and then for one glorious moment everything freezes. It's as if he's floating on a cloud with his master blissfully inside of him. He doesn't realize he's even reached his peak until several long moments later.*

Obi-Wan: -He knows the exact moment he reaches his. He nearly shouts, has to bite his lip hard to keep it down to a reasonable sort of strangled moan. Feeling boneless (and not just down there) he flops down on top of Anakin like a battered rag doll and sighs-

Anakin: *he smiles drunkenly, nuzzling Obi-Wan's shoulder, feeling like they're the only two people who exsist in the world. whispers* I love you.

Obi-Wan: I love you too... -A lazy smile and another quiet sigh. He's pretty exhausted now. So exhausted that its a minute or so before he remembers..- You squeaked.

Anakin: *Anakin blushes* I...*he can't deny it* sorry? *stroking Obi-Wan's beardless cheek. It hits him then that this will probably be the last time he ever sees Obi-Wan like this. a few lone tears begin to track their way down his cheek. He hates this feeling.*

Obi-Wan: It was cute... -small smile. He wipes the tears away.- Don't cry, beloved. -Hey he used a pet name again.- We'll see each other again. Let's not leave feeling bad, all right?

Anakin: *he closes his eyes* I'm sorry...it's just...that came over me all at once. *kisses him gingerly.* I love you. *a pause* I'll leave a light on for you...should you ever come in the dead of night.

Obi-Wan: I might just do that one night to see if you're telling the truth. -He kisses the tip of Anakin's nose- I love you..

Anakin: *does the same to obi's* I love you too. Force, more than anything.

Obi-Wan: -Warm smile- We'll both be all right. I'll miss you. So much. But we'll be all right.

Anakin: We'll be stronger for it, knowing that there's someone out there who loves us. *lets a smile spread across his face. it doesn't get very far. he sighs and kisses obi-wan* If you get killed, I swear...

Obi-Wan: Well then I'll just have to make sure I don't. -Under normal circumstances, might spout the "let go of what you fear to lose" line... but these aren't normal circumstances.- Take good care of those babies. Take care of yourself. I will make sure to visit sometime.

Anakin: *closes his eyes, resting their foreheads together* I'll do my best. *kisses him gently* And I'll hold you to coming to visit...

Obi-Wan: -Another soft kiss.- I will. -Pauses for a moment.- When do you have to leave?

Anakin: Soon, I'd imagine.

Obi-Wan: -He nods, but doesn't seem to have anything else to say to that. It's all been said.-

Anakin: *he closes his eyes* you make me feel alive.

Obi-Wan: -Is silent for a moment, then..- You make me feel. -And he leaves it at that.-

Anakin: *at that Anakin grins and kisses Obi-Wan soundly on the mouth*

Obi-Wan: -He smiles too, laughs into the kiss a little, then pulls away, letting it turn into one of those loud smacky things that annoy people who aren't part of them.-

Anakin: *laughing, rolling with him on the bed. Just...enjoying their last moments together.*

Obi-Wan: -Oh, how silly. He loves it though. He's tempted to... blow a raspberry on Anakin's neck. So he does.-

Anakin: *laughing out loud, they come to a stop with Anakin sitting atop Obi-Wan.*

Anakin: *a soft beeping comes over his communicator, discarded and forgotten about on the floor. a voice. just a voice, no image. announcing that the transport ship to Naboo is waiting for him. Everything in him tenses. He looks down at Obi-Wan, kisses him, whispering against his lips.* I love you. *another kiss* soon...soon I promise you.

Obi-Wan: I love you too. -Another kiss, somewhat more forceful.- I promise as well.

Anakin: *still kissing him as he abuses the force to summon his clothing, wanting to draw out each moment for all it's worth*

Obi-Wan: -He doesn't need his hands for anything, so he cups Anakin's face, slides them up into his hair as he holds the kiss. Loves Anakin's hair. Will miss it. Will miss Anakin as well, but will miss Anakin's hair.-

Anakin: *pulls back reluctantly from the kiss, finding himself fully dressed. He rises off the bed, holding gently onto Obi-Wan's hand.* You are....the only man I've ever loved. *kisses his hand* And no one will ever take your place in my heart. *with that, he reluctantly lets go of the strong hands, forced by a waiting star cruiser to leave. He turns his back on Obi, determined not to let him see him cry.*

Obi-Wan: -His own voice is a little choked as he says pointedly- I love you, Anakin. I'll see you later.